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1000 Island
7 Layer Dip
African Ginger Tea
Asian Avocado Dip
Asian Chicken Wrap
Asian Lobster Avocado Nachos
Asian Vinaigrette Dressing
Avocado Parmesan Ranch
Avocado Sauce
Baked Apple Oatmeal with Fruit & Nuts
Bar-B-Que Nachos
Basil Garlic Bleu Cheese Dressing
Basil Romano Vinaigrette
BBQ Ranch
Black Bean Bacon Dip
Bleu Cheese Sour Cream
Bleu Cheese-Parsley Dressing
Bleu Cheese-Tarragon Dressing
Blueberry Vinaigrette
Border Chili Hash Fried Eggs Skillet
Buffalo Bleu Cheese
Buffalo Chicken Nachos
Buffalo Ranch
Buttermilk Pancake Maple Sausage Sliders
Butternut Squash & Roasted Corn Soup with Crispy Jalapenos – 1 Gallon
Butternut Squash & Roasted Corn Soup with Crispy Jalapenos – 3 Gallon
Caesar Dressing
Cafe’ Caribe
California Hot Mix Ranch Dip
Canadian Mounty Breakfast Sliders
Caramelized Onions & Melted Leeks (18 & 36 Fluid Ounces)
Carne Guisada Breakfast Tacos
Catalina Dressing
Chef’s Finest Asparagus Cream Soup
Chicken Caesar Wrap
Chicken Tortilla Soup
Chipotle Cranberry Sauce
Chipotle Ranch Dressing
Chipotle Vinaigrette
Chipotle-Toasted Cumin Vinaigrette – 128 fl oz
Chipotle-Toasted Cumin Vinaigrette – 32 fl oz
Chocolate Cherry-Chili Walnut Mousse
Chorizo Eggs
Chunky Bleu Cheese Dressing
Cilantro Cumin Bleu Cheese Dressing
Cilantro Ranch
Cinco de Mayo Migas
Citrus Clams Crostini
Citrus Clams Mix
Clam & Guacamole Nachos
Clam Shooters
Clams a la Pescadora Crostini
Crab & Mango Appetizer
Crab Quiche
Cran Raspberry Vinaigrette
Creamy Asian Ranch
Creamy Italian Dressing
Creamy Ranch Dressing
Crispy Jalapeno Cheddar Burger
Crispy Jalapeno Pepper Jack Burger
Crispy Jalapeno Tortilla Crusted Fried Chicken Sliders
Crispy Jalapeno Turkey Burger Sliders
Crispy Onion California Burger
Crispy Onion Hashbrowns
Crispy Onion Steakhouse Burger
Crispy Onion, Bacon Potato & Egg Mini Frittatas
Crispy Wonton Pork Lettuce Wraps
Crunchy Tortilla & Jalapeno Omelet
Danish Bleu Cheese Dressing
Dijon Vinaigrette
Easy Cheese Ball
Feta & Black Olive Vinaigrette
Fish & Pink Clams in Garlic Wine Sauce
Florentine Mini Frittatas
Forest Mushroom Cream Soup
French Fried Onion Beef Dip
Ginger Basil Green Tea
Greek Salad Dressing
Green Goddess Dressing
Guacamole Dip
Ham & Cheese Fried Egg Breakfast Sandwich
Herb Garden Ranch
Honey Mustard Ranch
Jalapeno Cranberry Cornbread
Jalapeno Ranch
Linguine & White Clams
Macho Nachos
Manhattan Clam Chowder
Maple Fig Vinaigrette
Marathon Clam Chowder
Marinated Fajitas
Mediterranean Mussel Salad
Mini Skirt Steak Quesadilla
Mixed Fruit Frozen Yogurt
Mussel & Pasta Salad
Mussels in Tomato Vinaigrette
Nacho BBQ Sauce
New Orleans Remoulade Sauce
No-Mayo Ranch Dressing
Non-Dairy Creamer B├ęchamel Sauce
Orange Cranberry Tea
Panko Crusted Locos
Parmesan Asiago Vinaigrette
Parmesan Peppercorn Ranch
Peppered Bacon Bleu Cheese
Pesto Bleu Cheese
Picadillo Dip
Picante Sauce
Pickapeppa Jack Burger
Pink Clam Stuffed Avocado
Piquillo Pepper Ranch
Port Wine Vinaigrette
Potato, Bacon & Egg Pizza
Potato, Chorizo and Egg Pizza
Ranch Sour Cream
Raspberry Pecan Ranch
Raspberry Vinaigrette
Razor Clam Dip
Red Onion Parmesan Ranch
Red Wine Vinaigrette
Roasted Beet & Onion Bleu Cheese
Roasted Garlic Bleu Cheese
Roasted Garlic Italian Vinaigrette
Roasted Pablano Mac & Cheese With Crispy Jalapeno Tortilla Crumb Topping
Roasted Pablano Vinaigrette
Roasted Tomato Bacon Bleu Cheese
Roasted Tomato Bleu Cheese
Rosemary Goat Cheese Hummus
Russian Dressing
Salsa Ranch
Seafood & Avocado Salad
Seafood Linguine with Mussels & Clams
Seafood Onion & Hummus Flatbread
Seafood Paella
Seared Salmon with Sauteed Clams
Sherry Wine Vinaigrette
Shrimp and Lime Jalapeno Nachos
Smoked Almond Butter
Smoked Almond Butter Banana Licuado
Smoked Bacon Bleu Cheese
Southern Crab Quiche
Southwest Chicken Wrap
Southwest Mini Frittatas
Southwestern Grilled Chicken Salad
Southwestern Nest Eggs
Southwestern Omelet
Spinach, Pancetta & Egg Pizza
Steakhouse Peppercorn Burger
Stone Crab Etouffee
Strawberry Vanilla Licuado
Strawberry Vinaigrette
Sundried Tomato Bacon Ranch
Sundried Tomato Ranch Dressing
Sundried Tomato Vinaigrette
Sunrise Chimichanga
Sweet Potato Pancake Breakfast Sliders
Sweet Red Pepper Vinaigrette
Sweet Vidalia Onion Ranch
Texas Hold-YUM Chili
Three Cheese Ranch
Toasted Sesame Soy Ginger Vinaigrette
Tropical Ceviche
Walnut Bleu Cheese
Western Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread
White Clam Orzo Salad