Sugar Foods Corporation Fresh Gourmet Brand is America’s #1 crouton brand in retail. With the growing success and popularity of our premium ready-to-serve croutons and crunchy salad toppings, we’ve added dried fruit and nuts to the Fresh Gourmet label. Our retail toppings are a perfect choice for the consumer who desires restaurant flavor and texture at home.

Mrs. Cubbison’s is a prominent retail brand known for their quality products in the stuffing and crouton segments. In 1916, Sophie Cubbison opened a small bake shop in Los Angeles. Her old world recipes turned the bakery into a thriving business, and in 1948, she began offering stuffing. Word of mouth soon spread about her ready-to-make dressing and stuffing, putting Mrs. Cubbinson’s on the map. Today, we operate under the same standards for quality and wholesomeness established by Sophie Cubbison, using fresh baked bread, toasted and seasoned just right.